Thursday, March 05, 2015

ISIS's Apocalyptic Mission

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Read the story here.

The more I take a look at this ISIS thing the more convinced I become that we're seeing the opening rounds of a MAJOR regional war that will involve us all whether we like it or not.

Top ten jump-jets via HushKit.

Check out HushKits top ten here....I agree with number one, but the rest of the list needs to jumbled hard...real hard.

US Ambassador to Korea attacked. Time to leave.

via Free Beacon.
SEOUL – The American ambassador to South Korea was injured in a politically motivated attack by a man wielding a razor on Thursday amid growing anti-U.S. tensions in the country.
Mark Lippert, the ambassador, was in stable condition with non-life threatening injuries at a Seoul hospital after he was attacked on his way to make a speech before a breakfast meeting, State Department officials and local police said.
The ambassador suffered cuts to his face and wrist.
Lippert was shown in news photos holding a cloth to his face as he walked to an emergency vehicle, and appeared to have been spattered with blood.
He was in stable condition at a nearby hospital, local news media reported.
Troops in S. Korea is a flashpoint for bad relations that make the situation in Okinawa look like a picnic.  The S. Koreans can defend itself.  Time to leave.

Wednesday, March 04, 2015

Ducted Fan Airplanes.

This is a post in response to comments made about concept art that I posted talking about Future US Army Aircraft.

Ducted Fan Aircraft have NUMEROUS advantages over tilt rotors.  Why this type of vertical lift has been abandoned is beyond me but it should have been followed and with today's tech it would work perfectly.

A small flight of fancy.  Imagine a two seat AH-1Z sized airplane with ducted fans to operate off our amphibs to operate as escorts to the MV-22!  That would be a procurement/development project for the Wing that I could get behind...but...the F-35.

Open thread. How big should a nation's military be?

The US Army Chief of Staff made news when he said this....
"In the past we would have a British army division working alongside an American division."Now it might be a British brigade inside an American division, or even a British battalion inside an American brigade.
Is that fair?

How big should a nation's military be?  We always talk about commitments to NATO but what exactly is NATO's role?  If its to stand up to the Soviet Union then its time has passed.  If its to stand up to Russia then can we really complain about our allies defense spending?  Is it for out of area missions in the Middle East or the Pacific?

Bringing this thinking home....what if the US was just focused on defending its borders.  What would be the appropriate size force?  Should we really be focused on fighting two regional wars at the same time?  Why?  What's in it for us?  If we do size our forces that way, aren't we actually doing what we complain about---subsidizing the defense of others?

I don't know but before we complain about the size of other nations forces perhaps we need to figure out why we're sized the way we are. 

British Army Armor on the move during Exercise Tractable.

Note:  Seems like the British Army is seriously ramping up their operations.  Everytime I turn around they're doing some exercise...either at home or abroad.  How will such a small force hold up?  What the hell is a KRH?

Military vehicles including Challenger 2, Warrior and FV 432's belonging to 1 Yorks and KRH in convoy during a vehicle move during Ex Tractable near Ludgershall on SPTA.

Norway reorganizes Armor, Mech Infantry for high North fight.

via Defense News.
The NDF also is establishing a specialized Arctic-trained "professional" rapid reaction force north (RRFN), set to become fully operational in 2017. The RRFN unit's core will comprise an existing armored battalion and a motorized infantry battalion equipped with CV90 infantry fighting vehicles and Leopard 2 tanks
Norway's ability to defend its High North territories also received a boost from the Defense Ministry's US $1.6 billion program to re-equip its core forward armored brigade units with CV90 tracked infantry fighting vehicles, part of the NDF's biggest fighting vehicle modernization project investment.
Read it all here. 

I personally find this very interesting.  The US Army is focusing on using light infantry in the Arctic as is the USMC and other partners.  The Russians are also following this lead with the difference being that they have several armored utility vehicles (more logistics than fighting) that are slated to provide transport and support.

Norway is trashing all that and moving toward real armor and mechanized infantry combat teams for the far North fight.

As a sidenote you really should spend some time on their website.  The photo section is awesome.  Below are a few examples of what I found.

Future Chinook?

Photo Credit: U.S. Army graphic by AMRDEC VizLab
An artist's conception of future Army rotorcraft is shown.
Read about the future of Army aviation via RDECOM's Army Technology Magazine here.

Tuesday, March 03, 2015

How to tell a good alkaline battery from a bad one....

Saudi Arabia is exploring buying a nuke reactor from S. Korea. The nuke race is on.

Thanks to Slowman for the link!

via Korea Herald
RIYADH ― Leaders of South Korea and Saudi Arabia agreed on Tuesday to seek opportunities to build more than two small- and medium-sized nuclear reactors in the Gulf nation to forge bilateral cooperation in atomic energy ― projects that may be worth as much as $2 billion.
During the summit talks, President Park Geun-hye and the newly crowned King Salman bin Abdulaziz Al Saud discussed ways to upgrade bilateral relations by strengthening cooperation in energy, creative economy, investment, medical services and information technology. Park arrived in Saudi Arabia on Tuesday, after wrapping up a three-day visit to Kuwait. Saudi Arabia is second destination of her four-nation Middle East trip, which will also include UAE and Qatar.
This is the first step in Saudi Arabia developing a counter to what they believe is an Iranian nuke.

Israel is a sideshow for the moment.

The real fight is between Saudi Arabia and Iran.

The seeds are being sown for a major regional war in the Middle East...a war with nuclear equipped nations and ineffective conventional forces.

This is going to be world changing people....and the idiots in Washington can't even see it happening right before their eyes.