Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Southpaw. This movie looks like it might be good.

US Infantry. From closing with and destroying the enemy to calling for fire.

via Defense 24.
Advanced defense projects agency DARPA (Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency) revealed that Americans are getting closer to the inclusion of soldiers operating in the land to a computer network, together with aircraft, vehicles, artillery systems, and even ships.
As it turns out the first effects sieciocentryczności programs are in place and are tested in combat. Disclosed, inter alia, that during action in Libya sent the Marines there in minicomputers used the GPS with a special electronic map, a small application KILSWITCH (Kinetic Software Integration Lightweight Individual Combat Tactical Handheld). This software allowed them under fire for easy determination indicating the targets and locate your nearest fire systems and sub-units.

Now I get it.

This is the tremendous firepower that General Mullen was referring to when he said that the combat power of the Marine Rifle Company today far outstripped that of the past.

Note:  I did a comparison of a Vietnam era rifle company's T/O&E versus what we have today.  Organically the Vietnam era unit had more firepower (Quite honestly with certain procurement decisions it can be said that the ORGANIC firepower of the Rifle Company and its ability to put weight of fire on a particular target has been going down steadily since the '80s).

So how are they going to accomplish this? Cooperative Engagement Capability.  The work behind the scenes with the air war by means of the Naval Integrated Fire Control-Counter Air (NIFC-CA) gets all the press but something similar is being done with providing fire for ground forces.

US Infantry is evolving.  We're moving from "closing with and destroying the enemy" to simply calling for fire.  How long before this is seen as an evolutionary dead end though?  I don't think this will work in an urban area.  I don't think it will work in the jungle.  In the desert?  AWESOME!  But there is a whole lot more world out there than just the deserts.

NOTE 1:  Why does it seem like DARPA is simply taking ideas that are already in progress and simply attempting to leapfrog them forward?  That's not DARPA hard...speeding evolution maybe but not advancing the art beyond what would occur naturally.

Monday, March 30, 2015

KAI wins S. Korean fighter project by default...

A twin engine F-35 that does away with sensor fusion and the other idiocy plaguing our program?

Smart.  They're getting a detuned jet that will probably run circles around our own..via ALert 5, read about it here.

Military Light Patrol/Mobility/Recon/Utility Vehicles. Do they have a combat role?

This subject came up with the discussion in the post that I made on the Poles putting into service a new light recon vehicle.  They aren't being held up by ridicule by me though because this trend is worldwide.  The USMC has been on the bandwagon for decades (the latest vehicle you can see below) and the 82nd Airborne has decided on using SOCOM's ride as a stop gap (above).

The question though is ... are they worth it?  Not the fun factor.  Oh God!  ATVs are fun!  Are they suitable combat vehicles?  On that point I wonder.

The idea is simple.  Transport a small unit undetected to a drop off point.  Once on the ground these light vehicles are suppose to provide the mobility necessary to get the job done and once completed move the unit to a pick up point.


But I remember the Ukrainian Lieutenant that described his unit being surrounded and having to make his way back to friendly lines.  Nothing unusual there.  Its a constant in Military History.  What made it notable to me is that he described dodging enemy patrols, checkpoints, roaming armored fighting vehicles AND uavs.

Small units, in light vehicles...no armor to speak of...and depending on mobility and firepower to carry the day.

I just don't buy it.

About Jade Helm 15...

Jade Helm 15.  It could be as SOCOM says it is.  Nothing more than a training exercise.  It could be like its many supporters say it is...a chance to get off base and "Master the Human Terrain".

American Mercenary could be right.  I don't have the experience to make an informed decision (although the bastard is twisted to think that I have to have experience planning large scale exercises to be able to have an opinion on whether a training event needs to be conducted in civilian space when the US military has millions of acres of land to operate on).

One thing these apologists, staff weenies, SOCOM worshippers and fellow travelers all have in common is one thing.

They can't answer a simple question.  Why is it essential for these forces to operate in US cities?  We've seen an increase in this and no one can explain what benefit training in a US city brings when it comes to operating overseas.
The US is distinct.  Its different.  Even European cities are totally different from our own.  British cities are different and they speak the same language.  SO how can training in a US city prepare a team to operate in Kabul, Istanbul, Shanghai, or another foreign area?

People like American Mercenary can spin this all they want but until they answer why its necessary then many will look upon it with suspicious eyes.

The government is here to help?  Bullshit.

Awesome motorcycle helmet. When will combat helmets get this kind of capability?

Sunday, March 29, 2015

2nd Battalion, 6th Marine Regiment, fire their M203 and M32 grenade launchers

Marines with 2nd Battalion, 6th Marine Regiment, fire their M203 and M32 grenade launchers with non-lethal rounds down range during a riot control exercise aboardCamp Lejeune, North Carolina, March 24, 2015.
(U.S. Marine Corps photo by Cpl. Kaitlyn Klein/Released)

Sunday Reading. ADRP 3-05 Army Special Operations Forces...

Of note...
The mission or tasks must be operationally feasible. ARSOF are not structured for attrition or force-on-force warfare and should not be assigned missions beyond their capabilities. ARSOF commanders and their staffs must consider the vulnerability of ARSOF units to larger, more heavily armed or mobile forces, particularly in hostile territory.
The wording here is annoying.  The US military as a whole is not designed for force-on-force or attrition warfare!

Does anyone seriously believe that we have enough forces in the air, on land or at sea to fight that way today?  Of bigger concern should be the integration of Special Ops into conventional forces.  You're seeing an evolution toward SOCOM missions instead of the core conventional force sets.  The vulnerability that is inherent to SOCOM units will become inherent to all US ground forces unless this trend is reversed.

Saturday, March 28, 2015

Jade Helm 15 military exercise including USMC MEU, 82nd Airborne and SOCOM has the prepper community going mad!

via Modern Survival Blog.
The upcoming “Jade Helm 15 – Master the Human Domain” ‘domestic’ military drill has created a storm of controversy all over the internet, and for good reason. There are LOTS of questions surrounding the motives and details of the exercise which is doing more than just raising a few eyebrows.
Operation Jade Helm 15 will commence July-15 (until September-15) in the American southwest (as in, all of it) (Texas, New Mexico, Arizona, California, Nevada, Utah and Colorado) and is a ‘domestic’ military training exercise which some say may violate the Posse Comitatus Act (while others say it technically does not).
The ‘drill’ apparently has the military working in acceptance of, or some cooperation with, state-county-local domestic law enforcement agencies and will include Special Operations Command, the special forces of the military services, the 82nd Airborne, elements of Marine Expeditionary Unit(s), and interagency partners, which refers to other departments and agencies of the federal government, including – reportedly – the FBI and DEA.
Read it all here. 


I don't know what to think.  I do know that every major Army and Marine base has a combat town or two.

I also know that role players can be brought in to simulate whatever training needs to be done without going into downtown Los Angeles (as they've done in the past) or any other major US city (or minor one for that matter).

My opinion?

This is bad.  Military leadership seems like its lost touch with middle America.  While they still have many fans...they also have their detractors.  Additionally they're becoming viewed in the same way law enforcement is.  Not as defenders but as oppressors (not how I view the military...just the messenger on this...read the comments over at Modern Survival Blog).

This exercise will not help that.

2nd Cav "Dragoon Ride" gets an A-10 escort!