Friday, April 18, 2014

China boast: U.S. Marines would be like ‘marching band’ in all out fight

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via Washington Times
What apparently incensed the Chinese was what Gen. Wissler said next: “You wouldn’t maybe even necessarily have to put somebody on that island until you had eliminated the threat, so to speak.”The Chinese military is supremely confident of its invincibility in the Pacific and is taking Gen. Wissler’s remark as a great insult.
The first return salvos were fired by the Communist Party-owned and operated newspaper Global Times.
“These U.S. warships roaming around here [in the East China Sea] are slowly being considered by us Chinese as our moving targets right in front of our eyes, and the [U.S.] bases in Okinawa as a whole are also no longer a big deal [to us],” said the newspaper in an April 15 editorial.
“When facing China, these U.S. soldiers are really not worth anything,” the Global Times said. “If China and the U.S. were to start an all-out fight, these American Marines would be more like a marching band, charging with others, but with their musical instruments in hands.”
Uh wow.  Read the entire article but wow.

This isn't typical Chinese behavior.  Usually they're much more reserved but this is basically tossing down the gauntlet and letting the entire region know that they  don't fear US Marines.


That'll make it sweeter when we jump down their throats and feast on their hearts.

But did you notice something in General Wissler's statement?  He is fully advocating the approach of Air Sea Battle....not describing how we'll take back those islands.

Just a heads up for all you sycophants that worship at the feet of the Commandant and the much weakened Ellis group.

101st Airborne Brigade Air Assault...

ARES SCR Sport Configurable Rifle


I am constantly impressed by the ability of gun owners/makers to make lemonade out of the lemons that law makers toss our way.  Additionally this might make a better truck gun than a normal AR.

Nicely done!  Read about it here.

Quote of the day.

“If the Navy’s unable to get closer in because of the threat, we just can’t sit there and wait,” Brig. Gen. William Mullen said at Sea-Air-Space. The challenge is getting Marines through the threat zone alive.
The Marine Corps is caught in a trap.

While recognizing the threat to amphibious ships by anti-ship missiles they still hold onto the belief that anti-air missiles will pose no problems for MV-22's bringing a Company Landing Team ashore!

The fact that people are overlooking this amazes me!  The idea that the MV-22 suddenly solves the anti-access problem for the USMC astonishes me!

NOTE:  Navy SEALs and Air Force Special Operations had their CV-22's shot up while on approach to a landing zone in Africa, by a primitive force with small arms RPGs, and no MANPADs..the results?  Several SEALs wounded and the aircraft having to abort the landing and limp to a nearby friendly base.  Oh and this was simply a mission (according to the DoD) to help in the evacuation of US personnel.

Expeditionary Force 21 seeks to fully establish "mini-MEU's" in the form of the SPMAGTF-CR as a permanent formation in the Marine Corps, instead of an adhoc, mission specific, temporary unit as it was designed to be.

EF21 is half baked, seeks to justify the enormous expense of Marine Air in an age of austerity and hopes to give a failed Commandant a legacy that will justify the dysfunction he brought to the Marine Corps.

Thursday, April 17, 2014

AM takes on Harry Reid..

American Mercenary takes the Senate Majority leader to task for his recent statements about Bundy supporters.

Reid is now calling those that showed up to the Bundy Ranch domestic terrorists.  I said that many wanted a fight (on both sides).  The next incident will be that fight.  The Feds won't be able to back off a second time so blood will be shed.

Time to stock up on firearms and supplies while you can.

Republicans will abandon support for the 2nd Amendment when they witness citizens resisting law enforcement with fire arms and a bit of organization.  Quite honestly I wonder if the next incident will be this years Oct surprise.

Chinese Soldiers from the Nanjing Military Area Command (MAC) practice amphibious landing...

The picture shows a scene of the armored vehicles in loading and sailing training. A troop unit under the Nanjing Military Area Command (MAC) of the Chinese People's Liberation Army (PLA) organized armored vehicles to conduct loading and sailing training in strange waters on April 13, 2014 in a bid to improve troops' comprehensive combat capability. ( Xu Xiaojun)


Those 100 Marines in the Company Landing Team are going to create havoc when facing this type of opposition.  Sarcasm off.  I find it interesting that the USMC is throwing away concepts that it has perfected while the rest of the world seeks to gain those capabilities.

When everyone is thinking the same (as in EF21) then no one in that group is thinking.

EF21 is a sad joke that must not be allowed to develop into a flawed doctrine.

Bastion Attack Blamed On 'Complacency'

Check out the discussion over at Think Defence on this subject.  Warning. Some of it is infuriating, annoying, and passes the buck.

One thing that a reader at Think Defence pointed out that is worthy of praise is the loosy-goosy, we're in the rear and its party time atmosphere that appears to have taken hold at this base.

Have you forgotten all the little "dance" videos Marines put out?  Marines lip syncing to songs was flashed all over the pages of Marine Times like it was cool.  I bitched and griped but was told that I didn't understand.

It took a Marine Harrier Squadron getting knocked out for some to clue into the idea that the Marine Corps was at war and to act accordingly.  Now the Brits say that the base is secure.  Awesome.  The facts remain though.  The enemy only has to get it right once...and they win a propaganda victory.