Thursday, November 26, 2009

USNI conversation on the SEALs being charged...Update 2...

If you've been keeping track of the discussion over at USNI blogsite then you'll notice how they are swinging from one side of this issue to another.  Fortunately there are speakers there that are more eloquent than I am that are keeping the "defenders of the command structure" in check.

Of special note (and he has my thanks) is a contributor over at USNI blog named UltimateRatioReg.  Here's one of his statements.....

All which you and Maggie say are true. However, perspective regarding the alleged events needs to be maintained.
More importantly, the further erosion of trust between juniors and senior military leadership will almost certainly follow. Here, and the signal we send to our enemies, is where the real damage may be done.
Undue command influence of such matters is rarely punished, as we saw from the Haditha incident. And undue command influence on the part of politicians has become a way of life. (Re: Murtha)
Yes, let the court work. That the court has to work at all will have its repercussions.

That's what the leadership is ignoring.  This generation of Senior Officers is letting us down.  I don't believe them anymore.  They are truly more politician than warrior.  We're screwed and no amount of joy on Thanksgiving can change that.  Do I expect it to get better????  Probably not.  They promote people like them to the upper reaches which means that we'll get a new breed of ass kissing General's and Admiral's once this pitiful class retires.  We're Fucked. 

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