Thursday, December 17, 2009

21st Century USMC...

I don't know how I missed them, but in case you did here are some must reads to give you a little "background" on the thinking about the future direction of the Marine Corps.

These are MUST READS...take the time to go over the concepts, theories of employment and the future makeup of the "go to war" Fleet Marine Forces.

Defense Review...back from the dark?

Or should I say, clarification on an issue of personal importance?

The IAR that the USMC is soon to field is a mistake.  I had a post that gave a quick primer on my issues with the concept and was dismayed that Defense Review (David Crane's excellent site) ran a review on the subject that I read to be an endorsement of the idea.

Well thankfully, Defense Review has clarified their position on this weapon.

The IAR camouflages the infantry automatic rifleman, and hisballistic capability. So, in that sense, the Infantry Automatic Rifleis a decent concept, provided it’s not actually replacing the LMG/SAW, but simply complimenting it.
So, is the Infantry Automatic Rifle (IAR) a good idea? Yes andno. It’s a good idea to give warfighters a carbine/SBR with machinegun-level full-auto fire capability, again, provided it doesn’t actually replace the LMG/SAW in the squad, but simply compliments it.

Be still my heart!  A compliment to the weapon instead of replacing it?  I can live with that...maybe.  Funds are tight, and I don't think that buying another light machinegun when the one we have is perfectly adequate is wise.  Additionally I think we might be straying too far away from the Army's big budget buying power.  Unique/boutique weapons when necessary but if the Army is already fielding solutions to the same problems as we are then why reinvent the wheel?

Good but not quite there.  Don't let me down.

Thankfully reading further down, David doesn't disappoint.

However, if it were up to us, we wouldn’t go with the HK IAR (again,just a modified HK 416). The Marine Corps is going to have to spend alot of money on those guns. In our opinion, a more intelligent andeconomical solution would be to modify standard Colt M4 Carbines thatare already in the inventory into IAR-type sustained-full-auto ARweapons by making some rather simple weapon mods:

Go to his site to read his recommendations in full.  Suffice it to say that every one of his recommendations would be several times better than the direction that the Marine Corps is headed in.

There you have it.  Two different websites (and there are many more) think that this can be done better and cheaper.  Are you listening Commandant?

Maxpedition Jumbo Versipack....

Tactical-Life ran an article describing the Maxpedition Jumbo versipack. I am an owner of the first gen model and when word of the next gen came out I was extremely excited. After watching a couple of reviews, looking at the "improvements" and seeing its features, I found my excitement was misplaced. The bag has evolved but not in a way that I like. Its fabric is "lighter" which means less robust to me, it retains features that are of limited value (such as space for a nagalene bottle....I have never seen anyone actually using one in the field...whether in the military or at a camp ground) and its still leaving the individual CCW card carrier to modify it to get the most out of the bag.

I use mine on an almost daily basis for CCW carriage. BUT...I am not pleased with what I see and will not buy the latest generation. So where does that leave me? In the winter months I can use one of several different holster which will suffice. Actually the same applies in the summer, but what a "tactical" bag for CCW use gives me is the carriage of additional mags, light and even remedial first aid kit. Its a go bag/every day carry bag that fits the bill for me. So I'm left with taking a serious look at the 5.11 Push Pack. It lacks some of the bells and whistles but does what its suppose to do. Provide a bag that can double as a CCW platform, serve as an everyday carry bag and in case of an emergency serve as a go bag supreme. Price point on this product is beyond beautiful. Realistically if it performs as advertised (I'm talking about reviews that I've seen) then I can buy two for the price of one Maxpedition.

Bottom line, use what you like but buyer beware and to Tactical Life...opposing viewpoints are refreshing. Relax.

ABV in combat...

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