Wednesday, March 17, 2010

F-35 Hover Video...

Lockheed Martin released a video in which they report that the F-35 hovered for the first time...

I wonder though. If I recall correctly and my eyes aren't playing tricks on me, then this has already been accomplished and this is just a 'fluff' piece to distract from all the bad news that the program, not the F-35B, but that the program has received lately. Time will tell. One thing is certain. Lockheed Martin needs to start stacking up some wins. In a VERY BIG WAY!


  1. yeah but is this a real step forward? the second video took place 7 days ago and it was the real first hover.

    i think this is just message management. get good news out about a program in trouble.

    to be honest, if that's the case then its more disturbing then what i've already heard. the bad news i hope will stop but don't hit me with fluff pieces to spin me!

  2. Surely you know that JSF is the most PR coverage extensive program, by far ever.

  3. amazed by how many doors the B model actually has to open during vertical flight:

  4. not really. you have to get air to the lift have to make room for the nozzle to swing down...kinda expected.

  5. My count: 13 critical doors for STOVL.

    Expected, but good luck if 1 or 2 fail to open in transit.

  6. As critical as a swiveling nozzle malfunctioning on a Harrier.

    Aviation is safer than ever but nothing is full proof.


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