Friday, April 09, 2010

This was suppose to be our future...

The pic above is what we were suppose to be living in during the 1970's.  Today we have instead a down graded version of a once mighty organization (NASA).  .


  1. There are a lot of reasons that could explain what happened with NASA: An agency that ossified after Apollo, congressional pork barrel politics, and no clear direction among some.

    What caused the latest fiasco was the previous director wanting to do, in his words, "Apollo on steroids" but forgetting what Apollo had and he didn't: an unlimited budget.

    There are some rumbling of a new plan that uses what's available for now and then builds on it. Not perfect but it sounds more realistic then the previous delusions.

  2. what about the fact that for a number of years the US will not have a way of getting men into space?

    is that acceptable?

    i realize that budgets are tight but does it make sense to give it all away when the Russians, Chinese, Japanese, Europeans and even India are all planning or have put men into space...without having to depend on their commercial sector to do so? not even Pres. Bush wanted space to be privatized.

    of all the programs that should be social, i would think that the space program would be one.

  3. What they should have done is after Columbia just say that we would not be flying the shuttles again and launch a crash program to get a replacement into space. It took almost 2.5 years to launch after Columbia and another year to get back into the cycle again. We could have used the time and money to get something up and running.

  4. We need things like NERVA and Orion

  5. agreed but the hippies killed nuclear power and the so called pragmatist (along with those wanting more money spent on social programs) are killing the Orion.

    we'll get back to the space race once we see the Chinese flying people on a weekly basis.

  6. Even I still think that we need to resurrect nuclear power .If not we go the way of the dodo

  7. This is a page that I found long ago.It has interesting illustrations

  8. Sorry Solomon .Wrong link.This one is.


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