Friday, April 09, 2010

NLOS replacement the LAHAT.

With NLOS running into trouble, its time to consider other options.  While the LAHAT won't be capable of top down attack it will be capable of defeating ships.  All in all this weapon from Israel Aerospace is worth considering for the role originally envisioned for the NLOS.  Other options are available and others I'm sure, are under development.  The problem is this...this ship will be entering service soon and it should be kitted out for war as soon as possible.  If nothing else this would be a great interim step.
Naval LAHAT                                                                    

Singapore's Army Drills with the Indians..

Of note in this video is the Bionix II Infantry Fighting Vehicle.  Watching the diplomatic moves of other nations at this time is interesting.  While we make enemies of friends and attempt to embrace those who seek our destruction, our direct competitors are making strategic alliances.

Singapore Navy's Helos and Frigates...

These people are advanced, innovative and by all appearances tough.  They have close ties with Israel and some have even called them the Israeli's of the Orient.  Considering their tough stance on defense issues, it makes sense. Oh and please note that the Formidable Class Frigates are more powerfully armed than the LCS, is capable of engaging other surface ships with its Harpoon missiles, has Aster missiles for air defense...a 76mm cannon for use against close in surface and fast boats AND has a crew as small as the LCS! They have a compliment of 70 sailors and Officers and an aircrew detachment of 15. The Formidable class is a winner.

F-35C drop test..the video!

Interesting logos...

Interesting Unit logos...
The Jungle Warfare Center has a snake swirling up a K-Bar(click on the picture to see the animation).  Truth in advertising.  Funny thing though.  The big ass spiders always creeped me out more than the snakes....
This one is interesting because it shares the US Army's 2nd Infantry Divisions Chief's head along with Iron Mike...Iron Mike is interesting because the Army has a different version of him at Ft. Benning.  Cool...
I have never understood the emblem used by NATO.  Its definitely unusual and has stood the test of time...but please explain how it came to be.  I guess this would be more weird than interesting but it still made my list.
The guys in recon just don't give a damn.  What I find interesting with this one is that the Death Head is almost a direct copy of the cap badge worn by the SS.  No biggee in my mind but the similarities are startling. Still cool though.  One thing I can't quite figure.  When did the bullet holes come into being.  I've seen historical representations and I've seen it with and without them.
A part of the School of Infantry.  The MTB uses an M4 Carbine in their visualization of a Marine Rifleman...yeah I'm nitpicking but it is interesting that they would choose that weapon when its not standard issue.


This was suppose to be our future...

The pic above is what we were suppose to be living in during the 1970's.  Today we have instead a down graded version of a once mighty organization (NASA).  .

F-35C undergoes drop tests...

AviationNews is reporting that Vought aircraft is testing the F-35C in a series of drop tests.  More news that you won't get anywhere else.

And the program rolls along...despite organized opposition.

CV-22 Update.

CV-22 crashes in Afghanistan

Fox News is reporting that a CV-22 crashed in Afghanistan kiling 4.  This is the first crash of the CV-22 (the Air Force version) of the tilt rotor.
The Air Force slow walked the V-22 into service even slower than the Marine Corps did.  If this crash can be blamed on vortex ring state, then there are problems.  First that means that the hardware to prevent that condition didn't work.  Second it brings into question the AF's early retirement of the MH-53...probably the most advanced helicopter flying. 

One thing I don't want to see. 

I don't want to see a simple but easy...pilot error...tag placed on this incident.  It seems that the higher the profile airplane, the quicker that becomes the cause.  Lets figure this out and get them back into service...oh and bring back at least a few MH-53's!

Spring is here...Summer's coming...time to get ripped!

Taking a small detour from the usual today with a focus on weight training.  Most people don't know this but 90% of your success or failure when it comes to getting ripped, shredded or rocked out is diet.

If you're like me and on the go, then supplements will help (passing my McDonald's does too but that's a different subject).  Here are my quick and dirty must have's....

1. Protein-natures muscle builder.  I like a good whey protein as a pre-workout and workout drink.  I like casein before bed to keep my body in a proper nitrogen balance.  My favorite Optimum Nutritions
Pure Whey.

2. Glutamine-its the amino acid that's most in demand in your body.  If you supplement then your body won't rob other stores of it to rebuild muscle tissue that you're ripping in the gym..I like High Power

3. Creatine-people that don't work out don't realize that creatine is not a steroid.  Is not cheating and is probably the most popular mainstream supplement.  Want massive pumps?  This will do it for ya!  Again, I like high power.  Oh and get the ethyl-ester.  It hits your system faster, doesn't cause bloating and will have you going.  Add this to your during workout protein drink and you'll go harder-longer.

4.  AAKG-guess what!  If you want to get beast like then you have got to try AAKG. 
I like BSN No-Explode.

5. Multi-vitamin --you know the deal on this one.  You don't eat right.  This will help.  Optimum Nutrition again is my brand.

6. 8-hours sleep

Ok I know what you're thinking.  Why did I include sleep in my list of proper supplements?  Just because of its regenerative powers.  Much like Glutamine, which will keep your muscle mass from wasting away, sleep does too.  If you want to destroy the hardwork you're doing in the gym then skip getting a good nights sleep.

I'm a week 3 of my spring conditioning.  These brands work for me, others might be better for you.  Remember what they say.  Go big or go home!