Thursday, April 29, 2010

Ocelot for the Marine Corps?

Several people sent me this link to a story from Shepard News...Ocelot LPPV ready to roll next year.The portion of the article that sparked debate was this...
Referring to the export market, FP told LWI that it was offering Ocelot up for the Australian Land 121 Project Overlander programme and also said it had received interest from the US. The US Marine Corps is believed to have requested details on Ocelot as a possible alternative to the heavier Joint Light Tactical Vehicle (JLTV) programme.
In an earlier post I suggested the Ocelot as a radical solution to the Marine Corps mobility issues.   I continue to be intrigued but even if found suitable it would at best be a second option.  I am fully behind the offering from Granite Tactical.  If the legacy Humvee can be modernized and can continue faithful service then that would be the most cost effective vehicle.  If the offering from Granite fails to live up to expectations then we can move on to the Ocelot.

I am still wondering who in the Marine Corps expressed interest in the Ocelot and if they are speaking for MARCORSYSCOM or if it was an unofficial inquiry.  If you have visibility on this please let me know!

Marines on patrol in Afghanistan.