Tuesday, May 11, 2010


This from ASDNews.com
Aboard the XM25 is a laser rangefinder that can measure the distance to the target and place an adjusted aim point on a targeting screen. The system then allows Soldiers to choose to over-shoot the measured distance so the round will explode inside the building. The targeting computer programs the round to explode at the designated distance. The system allows Soldiers to hit targets they cannot see, because they are hiding behind walls, inside buildings or behind natural obstructions. Special operations forces will be the first units to use the XM25.
Go to their site to read the whole story but the first thing that came to my mind is this.

How will this weapon be used with the restrictive rules of engagement that we operate under? How will this weapon be used in combat...and how long will it take for a village elder to claim that an innocent was killed because the soldier operating this system used it as intended?

I can tell you this. Whoever the SNCO or Officer is that authorizes this at the Battalion or lower will be looking over his shoulder the minute the round leaves the barrel.

The rules have changed....the lawyers know that even if the weapons designers don't.