Sunday, May 16, 2010

Two Ship F-35 Formation.

That's right a two ship formation of F-35's.

With the program operating out of two hi-tech, get it done test flight facilities (Edwards and PaxRiver) this is beyond encouraging.

EFSS concept of operations.

Since the EFSS has come up in conversation, I searched to find anything that would help explain the thinking behind the system.  Sadly, it appears that I was right.  Its designed for "short duration missions".  Read the document for yourself.  I'm not pleased or impressed.  Note the slide that says that "French ammunition" can be sourced when in theater.  Amazing.


120mm SRAMS.

Hat Tip to Think Defence for bringing this weapon to my attention and CBD for reminding me of the issues with the EFSS.

The Singapore Kinetics 120mm SRAMS is, as CBD stated, what EFSS was suppose to be.  An automated, highly mobile, rapidly deployable mortar.  EFSS in my opinion does not live up to those standards and this is another example of a better, cheaper product that was available.

The DoD's procurement system is broken.  What's more shocking, is that the US Marine Corps system is broken too.  We definitely need adult supervision in MARCORSYSCOM.
Seems like the EFSS has caused a bit of confusion.  The original concept called for an automated mortar system...the Dragon Fire.  It however wasn't pursued, I think because of cost, but I'm not sure.  So what is EFSS today?  Quite simply a 120mm light weight (for its class) mortar that was primarily selected because it was transportable on the V-22.  Nothing else.  The air arm is again dictating procurement even on the ground side.  A promising setup on the LAV-25A2 has been discarded in favor of the mythical "helo raid"!

Defense Industry Daily has the best coverage of the "new" system and you can read more here.  The photos below of the EFSS are from Mortars in

Interview with the next Commandant of the Marine Corps.

Another big Hat Tip to Marcase.  

General Mattis is 100% pure dee warrior.  If the best man is chosen for the job of Commandant then he'll win it hands down.  On a side note, Science Fiction has become reality.  If you've ever read the series by Ian Douglas, then you'll realize the over reliance on technology had been predicted for future "space" Marines...seems like the future is now.

New Northrup Grumman DAS video. Critics are irrelevant!